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One-to-One Tablet PC Program

Windows 8 for Education

One-to-One means every teacher and student in the school have a Tablet PC in their possession at all times, complete with appropriate educational software, internet access, printing capabilities and much more. However, the focus is not just on the technology alone but also on the shift in teaching approach, moving toward a much more collaborative, student-centered classroom environment which inspires a sense of enthusiasm and ownership in the students’ learning process.

Windows 8 for Education

Windows 8 creates an experience that helps schools improve educational outcomes, bring learning to life for students, and build 21st century skills. Both students and educators can consume and upload data, connect and collaborate, and even create presentations – all while working from anywhere. With Windows 8, the world is your classroom.

Why One-to-One?

Technology is an inherent and essential component of the lives of today’s students. From the day they are born to now, and certainly into the future, students’ worlds are regularly influenced by technology. To stay relevant and competitive moving forward, our students need to become more adept at thinking critically, solving problems creatively and using technology to explore the curriculum through real-world examples and evidence that speak to them and their interests.

Class Policy Classroom Management

Class Policy is a software package that helps teachers engage the classroom and facilitate collaboration among teachers and students, while also controlling devices and allowing teachers to effectively manage the classroom setting.

Microsoft OneNote for Education

Your New Digital Notebook

Here we see an example of how OneNote can enhance students’ organizational capabilities, collaborative efforts, and creativity in presentation. With OneNote, a student’s notes, ideas, annotations, projects, and more can all exist in a convenient and completely searchable interface. And with SMCHS’ digital cloud storage and students’ OneDrive storage accounts, students can access their work anywhere and any time.