Learning Portal

On-demand, interactive learning


Custom Learning Management System

Several years ago, SMCHS constructed the Learning Portal, which is a custom Learning Management System (LMS) that we built specifically for our students. The Learning Portal enhances students’ in-class educational experience by making it possible to connect instructors’ lessons with digital media, discussion forums, and other online technologies. Currently, every SMCHS faculty member utilizes the Learning Portal, ensuring that our students are prepared for a digital future that is prevalent in undergraduate, graduate, and professional environments. Through posting lecture notes, hosting virtual office hours in the evening, and even classroom recap videos, SMCHS faculty has never made it easier for students and their families to access classroom content from anywhere.

Turnitin LMS Integration

Preventing Plagiarism and Engaging Students

Turnitin improves the student writing cycle by preventing plagiarism and providing rich feedback to students. This technology has been utilized at SMCHS for many years to ensure academic honesty and provide students with dynamic grading and feedback on their assignments. Recently, we have incorporated Turnitin as an integrated feature in our Online Learning Portal, further enhancing the functionality of our already outstanding set of features included in the learning management system.

Our Learning Portal is used in both academic and extracurricular capacities; we have recently expanded the Learning Portal to deliver content to members of some SMCHS sports teams.


Library Resources

Online Reference Center

The Learning Portal Library Resource Page provides students access to some of the best online academic resources available. This comprehensive page is a gateway to online encyclopedias, Orange County e-Register, Gale Online Literature Criticism, social and scientific research studies, and resource centers for science, literature, history, philosophy, religion, music, and more!

Weekly Assignment List

Easily Keep Track of Homework

The Learning Portal keeps track of assignment and test due dates automatically, making it easy for students to stay organized and on track!


Currently, more than 87,000 educational and professional organizations around the world use a LMS like ours to deliver content to students and employees.