Additional Technology

TI-Nspire Calculators

Specialized TI-Nspire calculators help tackle advanced mathematical problems and enable teachers to easily poll students electronically to better assess comprehension in real-time and strengthen class participation. TI-Nspire technology is bridging the gap between multiple learning platforms. TI-Nspire technology extends seamlessly across a suite of tools, including handhelds, software and apps, and helps teachers integrate engaging content into math and science curriculum to maximize learning and improve student performance.

Digital Media Studio

Santa Margarita’s Digital Media Studio and adjacent classrooms provide a learning lab for television and film production classes. The studio is home to the student-run news show Eagle TV. Featuring a HD (high definition) control room and advanced audio, video, lighting, cameras and editing equipment, the studio is on par with what you would find at some of the nation’s top colleges and professional studios. Cutting-edge film and editing equipment allows athletic teams to break down, analyze and watch game film.


Digital Document Cameras

Digital Document cameras allow teachers to create more engaging lesson content by easily capturing images, video and audio and displaying them through our classroom projectors. Teachers can share books, 3D objects, and detailed demonstrations or experiments with their entire class using document cameras.

Interactive White Boards

Interactive white boards enhance learning. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard and the power of a computer, interactive whiteboards allow our teachers to deliver dynamic lessons.


Teaching Science with Technology

Vernier puts easy-to-use data loggers, sensors, experiments and graphing/analysis software into the hands of students, helping educators develop the next generation of scientists and engineers.